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Since the beginning of 2012 property in Grays sells for on average £167484 according to local estate agents. The lowest sale in 2012 was £60000 and the highest sold for £630000, therefore the range of prices for houses and flats is £570000. The sales figures in 2012 were 268 for the area of Grays. Specifically, 78 of these were leasehold sales and 190 were freehold. There were approximately 27 new builds sold and 241 existing buildings. Looking at the types of buildings, 80 were flats as apposed to 116 which were terraces. As for the houses, 17 were detatched and 55 were semi-detatched. In summary, the most common type of housing in the area is detatched houses.

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Grays estate agents come under the postcode of RM17 which is in the area of Grays, Essex. An estate agent in Grays assists purchasers, tenants, vendors and landlords alike, in all aspects of their property requirements whether they have one property or several properties. An estate agent in Grays can also help you with buying, selling, renting, letting and a full property management service. In the postal area of RM17, deliver many sales and lettings in the Grays property market. An estate agent in Grays works closely and can recommend good reliable surveyors, architects, mortgage companies and financial advisors who will help secure property for purchasers in Grays RM17.

2013 2012
Average Sale Price £156918 £167484
Lowest Sale Price £88000 £60000
Highest Sale Price £270000 £630000
Range of Sale Prices £182000 £570000
Number of Sales 25 268
Freehold Sales 18 190
Leasehold Sales 7 78
New Builds Sold 1 27
Existing Builds Sold 24 241
Flats Sold 7 80
Semi-Detatched Houses Sold 8 55
Detatched Houses Sold 2 17
Terraced Houses Sold 8 116
Most Popular Properties Sold Detatched Houses Detatched Houses

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